What You Need To Keep In Mind When You Buy A Car

A lot of people love new cars. Considering the substantial expense involved, getting ready to buy a car requires a good bit of research in advance of your shopping trip. The article that follows below contains terrific guidance for anyone looking to buy a vehicle.


Before you go shopping, get a auto loan. They should check your credit history and secure a lender. That’s section of the reason it will take so long when you buy a car. If you already possess a loan, this process will take way less time. If you are planning to get a care from another state, there is various car transport services.

Find out about the different warranties that are offered. You do not wish to spend a few thousand dollars on a warranty that is not going to cover the repairs that commonly occur. Instead, shop beyond the dealership to get one that will cover the repairs at a better price.

Don’t drive a high priced car towards the lot. As soon as they see what you are actually driving, they will be less likely to make any handles you.

Here is an idea, do all your car shopping even Did you know you could find and acquire a car online? Most dealerships have websites where you can shop from the convenience your computer. There is no need to deal with pushy salesmen, the weather conditions, or even using decent clothes.

Once you know exactly how much you have to spend, find out about the cars within that range. Discover the car itself, its miles per gallon, number of doors, trunk space, driver’s reviews, safety record and how frequently it needs repairs on average. Assign each a rating and go for those at the top of their list.

Prior to deciding to ever go to a dealership, it is a good idea to accomplish plenty of research on cars. The more you know about a particular model, the better you are able to judge if it is right for you. There are several online resources that let you compare different models and brands.

If you know you will want specific model, call ahead and ask in the event the dealer has one on the lot. The person selling the car will attempt his hardest to get you to get the car if you go to them. You’ll simply be wasting your time if they don’t have the car that you want. Take the short while it takes to make a quick call first.

Make your emotions under control when you are from the dealership. Salesman are qualified to recognize emotions, and they will work off of that training to market you the car you want to get more money. Try to keep a straight face in regards to the deal, and never give hints as to your level of excitement. This will help you for the best deal on the car you need.

The task of shopping for cars can be of, scary and daunting course, quite expensive. To help make the a lot of the experience, its smart to conduct sufficient research before going to the dealership. Hopefully the guidance and data found above has provided you with the confidence you need to get the ball rolling. Many hate the possibilities of having to go shop for one.

Look Clearly For Hidden Damages As It May Ruin Your Car Values

When looking to buy a used car it is important to know how much the car that you are interested in will be worth. Many different factors determine vehicle value, as an example, the year the vehicle was manufactured, the mileage, the number of owners, the type of owners, if it had been in an accident, etc. As a smart car buyer you want to recognize there are any underlying incidents that the car has been associated with that are not obvious, such as flood damage. We want to help you learn how hidden damage may affect used car values.

For Sale Sign

To begin, you can do research that will help you make an educated decision about what the second hand car value is. A great resource to help you achieve that is ClearBook; they provide professional advice that helps determine specific car prices you are interested in.

After natural disasters hit parts of the country, it really is possible that they might affect cars in that area. When a car is transported from an area which has experienced a natural disaster, be aware. With storms often come heavy rainfall and flooding, which can seriously damage an auto if it hasn’t been properly protected. One of the major problems that occurs is flood damage. There are several ways to protect yourself from investing in a flood-damaged vehicle, and a helpful resource for flood damage education is CARFAX. Some easy things to check and watch out for is water damage within the car such as silt, mud, or rust. Check if the upholstery within the vehicle will not match or maybe loosely fitting, indicating that it has been replaced. Testing the car’s basic function ability such as the lights, windshield wipers, turn signals, heater and radio and air conditioner assistance to show whether it has experienced any trauma.

You will know a little more about the second hand car you are considering buying, by checking a vehicle’s CARFAX Report. It really is especially essential to protect yourself by checking the car’s CARFAX Vehicle History Report if you are buying a car from a private party. CARFAX will give you as much specifics of a car’s history as is available. This can prepare you as much as possible to understand how much the vehicle is worth, and it will guide you for you to get the best value for your money. If you find damage through further research it would decrease the vehicle’s value in conjunction with the level of unknown damage that is certainly revealed.

Check Out This Stuff Before you Hit the Road

Few things are more exciting than setting off on a road trip – the joy in the open road as you cruise along passing lots of new and exciting sights in anticipation of coming to the destination of your dreams. Of course, ensuring that you’ll reach the destination of your dreams in just one piece with no major dramas is an important aspect of the whole scenario – deteriorating in the middle of nowhere can put a real damper onto the fun aspect of your holiday.


Long road trips are actually gentler on your car than the constant starting and stopping of running day to day but breaking down when your miles out and about is no fun at all. That’s the truth. A number of simple and quick checks and procedures can help to ensure your trip won’t be interrupted, whether you drive a whole new motor (there are a few terrific ones at Moreno Valley Nissan if you fancy a change) or anything with a few more miles in the clock.

The key is to be ready for anything . . . just as much as you possibly can and don’t leave anything before the last minute.

• If your car is in need of major repairs and “surgery” book it in at least monthly before your scheduled trip which provides you with ample time to obtain the repair ensure and done that everything is working properly prior to set off.

If you are driving to somewhere which is much hotter or cooler than you are employed to at home, • Check out your coolant – particularly. If you’re not absolutely sure that it’s up to scratch, get your coolant changed now.


• Have a look at your tires – they ought to be in good shape and inflated to the correct pressure. When you don’t have sufficient pressure in your tires the air inside can get hot and cause blowouts when you’re travelling at high speeds. Make sure that there is sufficient tread in your tires and also the pressure can be as recommended in the owner’s manual.

• Don’t forget the spare tire – not normally the one around your middle, the main one in the trunk. Okay, move everything out of your trunk, remove it and check it over. Is it fully inflated, do you have the right tools for the tire changing emergency? We’re talking jack, wrench and wheel lock adaptors if needed.

• Clean out of the junk – this is one job that is probably best left until the last minute, well, not the morning of the road trip but a day or two before will be fine. Do you will need to take those old snow chains on a summer trip to the Grand Canyon? When you aren’t planning to need it let it sit at home.

• Get yourself an up to date road atlas – fancy GPS navigation systems are terrific but you also need an up to date road atlas in case of emergencies. The more you rely on your GPS system the more it is likely to give up the ghost in the midst of nowhere.


• Check the air filter – if your air filter is clogged up and dirty it is going to severely hamper your fuel economy along with the efficiency of your respective engine.

• Give your car or truck a good wash and polish the day before your trip, check over the tires again, pack the trunk, fill up at the gas station and be on your way.

Unclear that your old motor depends on the job? Browse the fabulous range at Metro Nissan Redlands to be around the safe side.

Leipzig Gets First Glances On Volkswagen Scirocco GTS

Volkswagen is, by definition, a brand in the masses, of people, so they should probably stick with making Polo and Lupo models.

Stereotypes never really pay off and in case we (and VW for that matter) were to have stuck by them, we’d be missing out on incredible cars like the Volkswagen Phaeton.


Volkswagen Scirocco GTS

Spinning off from that, half the Bentley lineup owes itself to Piech’s ambition with VW. And don’t get me started on the Scirocco.

It’s behaves and priced quite a lot much like the Volkswagen Golf yet it feels like it’s using this world. Very special, very exclusive, just so long as you don’t have the diesel engine.

Now, the Volkswagen Scirocco is getting a celebratory moment. It’s known as the GTS and was unveiled at the Leipzig Auto Mobil International earlier this week.

Originally created to celebrate 30 years since the Mark II Scirocco GTS the new version of the sharp looking hatchback is starting to become stunning all on its own.

The conventional car is fairly good looking by itself and the new tweaks don’t do anything but improve it. Maybe because black and red racing stripes from front to end look fantastic.

The matching side view mirrors are most often cut out of your same mold and the whole lower body kit gets a gentle makeover.

New 18 inch alloy wheels and custom leather upholstery with red stitching and a golf ball shift knob round up the changes on the VW Scirocco GTS.

The engine remains the 2. liter TSI petrol we all know and love and which delivers 210 horsepower.

We Will Not Forget Dodge Daytona

A few years ago Dodge hit a significant performance home run the with the SRT-4. It was heralded as one of the best bangs for buck that a person could obtain their hands on. It was actually basically a 230hp Neon with potential for a lot more power.


Back 1993 Dodge produced their best and last Dodge Daytona. It absolutely was a 224hp turbo-charged sports coupe with additional style in comparison to the SRT-4 and nearly as much power.

I’m not an expert on turbo Dodges, you will discover a whole club about all of the turbo Dodges that were ever made. I did find this great write up regarding the Dodge Daytona R/T IROC at starbangers.com. It is actually a Motor Trend article from 1993.

There is also a green Dodge Dayton IROC on Autotrader right now with only 19k miles for $9,950.

That could sound like a lot for a 15 year old Dodge. This IROC is one of 800 so it is a rare turbo Dodge and it has amazingly low mileage.

These cars paved the way for that modern Dodge turbos and packed a significant punch, nonetheless they have some design flaws, but there is however a good aftermarket and body of knowledge to help a Dodge owner fix those flaws.

Sure-fire Signs You Are In Your 30′s

We’re not receiving any younger, in fact, we’re getting older, every single day. Sometimes the thing is a sign saying what age you have to be to be able to buy liquor, and you think, people born in 1993 can legally drink now? I was a teenager paying attention to Nirvana in 1993, that can’t have already been 21 years ago. Well, it was. Though every person day seems the same as its preceding day, when you stack them all up, and zoom out on the timeline in your life, you’ll see you’re old, and you are no longer in your 20’s. Here are a few warning signs.


What’s the MPG?

It used to be when buying a car, all that was important was: is it cool? Will the ladies dig it? How fast will it go, and what color is it. If you find yourself enamored by those tiny little Fiats coming over from Europe, and you head to Fiat Downey after doing extensive internet research on http://www.ocfiat.com trying to find the car which includes the best fuel economy, and many reliability, you are no longer within your 20’s.


This is music?

I mentioned Nirvana – Nevermind is now about as old as Abbey Road was when Nevermind came out. Take into consideration that. Your folks wondered what this loud and awful music was that you simply were cranking out of your stereo. If it was even music, they questioned. Well, your parents’ parents wondered when the Beatles could actually be considered music. If you find yourself hearing Miley or Bieber and wondering what’s wrong with kids these days, and is also this even music, then you are not any longer in your 20’s.


I’ll hold the salad.

When you are out to eat, you get the burger. Add cheese. Add bacon. Add more bacon. Yes, the fries, and can I actually have an extra bottle of ketchup please? That’s what going out to eat is. That and about 6 pints from the local good things. But when you get yourself a bit older, you can’t just go for the occasional run or hit the gym hard for a week and lose that extra blubber. And ordering one, you are no more in your 20’s, if you find yourself at the bar ‘n’ grill browsing the salads.

Number 3?

When you’re fresh out of school, your first friends start getting married. And you think, well that’s clearly too young. If there isn’t plenty even more of life to reside before you allow yourself over to a young ‘un, then they start having kids and you scratch your head and wonder. Well, when your friends start having their second and third kids, and you also think, oh that’s nice, a little family coming along instead of “too young! Too young! ” you are no longer in your 20’s. Still, feel free to hide them on Facebook, that is well within your right.

Ford Gets It All Out In Wheels For The Wired Family

At the 2009 New York International Auto Show, Ford Motor Company (one among Razorfish’s clients) unveiled the Transit Connect Family One Concept. As with much of Ford’s conceptual thinking lately, connectivity assumes all the importance as cargo space or gasoline consumption.

The development version of Transit Connect is a super-efficient, maneuverable van for small enterprises. Family One applies its efficiency and adaptability to your standard American family – loosely defined today as a number of parents, two or three kids, a few mp3 players, a laptop or two, a PC, a Blu-Ray player, multiple thumb drives and several other technologies that define their lives. Family One tries to make room for all. Here’s a look.

Transit Connect Family One Concept

Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept

The following wave in family cars? No wood paneling about the side, no minivan girth, no toddler staring down at you from SUV altitude. But we detect ample room for “honor student” bumper stickers out back.

The Family One’s onboard computer acts as a central hub organizing navigation, entertainment and communication. It syncs up wirelessly with cell phones, mp3 players and other devices.

Building off Ford Work Solutions – a system that lets small business owners keep track of their equipment – Family Works uses the Transit Connect’s onboard computer and RFID tags to keep track of accessories: scooters, so, helmets, backpacks and briefcases on. Family One’s monitor tells you whether your tagged stuff is within the car or otherwise.

Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept

If they’re forgetting something it expects them to have onboard, the computer also studies a family’s patterns over time, proactively reminding them.

If your child safety seat is installed properly or not, using sensors put on critical parts of the seat, family You can also tell you.

View through the rear of your van: Note the two projection screens at top. Unlike cars with built-in DVD players, Family One expects you to bring your own device – whatever that may be presently. The onboard computer retrieves media through its wireless connection.

Connective technology of the old-school variety: You can always provide them with walkie-talkies before they wander off if you’re above pinning an RFID tag on the kids. You can also slather on the sunscreen and scrub up with some hand sanitizer, courtesy of those dispensers at left.

All of this connective technology converts the household One into a parental command center, with the extendable roof pushing the ability out of doors.

Ultimate Lemons: The Worst Cars of All Time

Thankfully, you won’t find any contenders for the title of all-time worst car at Gardena Nissan, but it’s always fun to consider the great cars—and the not-so-great ones. Here’s a quick rundown of three lemons sure to make anybody’s list of all-time catastrophes for the auto industry.


1958 Edsel

This car certainly belongs on a list of all-time worst lemons, but not because it was actually a terrible car. A bit weird looking? Sure. A gas guzzler priced too high during a late 1950s recession? Check. Still, that doesn’t necessarily explain its inclusion on the all-time lemons list. Ford did that to itself. It over-hyped the car so much the public was expecting a cure for cancer and they got…the Edsel. The name was weird, too. We can thank Edsel Ford for that. So basically we have a mediocre car that became synonymous with failure due to over-hyping. Some pundits whisper the grille was a bit too suggestive of certain parts of the female anatomy, too. All we know is the car was a colossal failure.


1961 Corvair

Another car that was not completely without redeeming value—many people have fond memories of their family’s good old Corvair—this GM product still earned its place on the list. Any car that was immortalized in a Ralph Nader book entitled Unsafe at Any Speed, has to be on this list. Did the Corvair have any problems? It had a few. Like being unstable and tricky to handle and tail heavy thanks to a rear-mounted engine and inadequate swing-axle rear suspension. Oh, and it had a steering wheel that could impale the driver in a front-end collision. That, and a heater that often spewed noxious fumes into the passenger compartment. Aside from those quirks and a tendency to leak oil like a sieve, it wash’t really a bad car.


1971 Pinto

The Ford Pinto has become perhaps the ultimate synonym for a terrible car (with the possible exception of that other classic Ford debacle, the Edsel—see above). It apparently came by that reputation honestly, with a tendency to burst into flames when struck from behind. Ford infamously did the math in a notorious “Pinto memo.” It compared approximately $50 million in estimated payouts to victims versus $137 million needed to reinforce the rear ends of the cars. Some revisionists argue the Pinto was really no more dangerous than a lot of other American cars of the time, and that may be true. Still, the Pinto has gone down in history as one of the worst cars of all time and no amount of modern revisionism is likely to change that.

For a great car or truck that isn’t a world-class lemon, be sure to check out http://www.downtownnissan.com. They always have a great selection of Nissans— all at very attractive prices.

Looking At The Great Cars Of Kenya


We are proud to present you with one  installment of Great Cars of Foreign Countries. This period: The Kenya Edition. This will tend to be a U.S.-centered blog so when I get the chance to venture beyond the boundaries of this great auto-nation of ours, I like to observe the sorts of automobiles our friends elsewhere tool around in. We have our quite unique car culture here and it’s always nice to Lionsget some perspective from elsewhere.

Within my work together with the UW Department of Global Health I had cause to venture to the great country of Kenya for the training and conference of the data staff on the Coptic Hope Center for Infectious Diseases. I only managed to hang around in Nairobi thus i didn’t quite get to start to see the depth and breadth of the Kenyan automotive world but I’m guessing what you’ll see here is a fairly good cross-area of what’s available.

Kenya car culture essentially: Toyota. Really. I would hazard to giess that probably 60% if not more of the automobiles I saw were Toyotas. Second most was probably Nissan. I did see a GM dealership at one point, though a very small smattering of anything US-made. But otherwise it was Toyota after Toyota after Toyota, predominantly Corolas and Camrys with about a thousand different nameplates. But there were several other oddities as well.

As a bit of background, sub-Saharan Africa has always been something of a special place for me. Back in college when I was studying computer science I caught the prehistory bug after taking a course or two in anthropology/archaeology as part of the usual breadth requirements. My initial interest is at paleoanthropology — study regarding early human origins — especially after reading Don Johanson’s book Lucy on his discovery of Australopithecus afarensis. While that discovery happened in neighboring Ethiopia, Kenya — containing part of the Great Rift Valley system — is also a hotbed of early hominid remains including Homo habilis and Homo erectus. I susbsequently switched majors to the a lot more lucrative field of archaeology (yeah, sarcasm) and dedicated to another component of Africa, Egypt. Still and all, sub-Saharan Africa always rather fascinated me.

Errr, okay, I’l also cop to owning a certain fondness for a certain song and video from that period.

At any rate, when one thinks of Great Cars of Africa generally the image that leaps to mind might be more Toyota Land Cruiser and less Toyota Corola. As well as in truth I did see a good number of new and old Land Cruisers and other big 4×4′s, nearly all of which I suspect catered to tourists occurring various safari tours. These were mostly the J55 and J40 sorts, big boxy things complete with jerry cans in the back and snorkels at the start: just the type of things you’d expect to see trekking through the bush in search of lost treasure or big game. They’re probably needed in much of the country and, judging by the state of several of the roads, wouldn’t be too out of sorts in Nairobi either. But the bulk of vehicles in the city were your typical small sedans and wagons with a good number of hatchbacks thrown in. I managed to require a few snapshots while going about my business and I’ll just present them here with a few comments thrown in.

First, up, a Toyota ist:


Yeah, that’s it, just ‘ist’. We in the States know this as the Scion xD and xA. According to Wikipedia, the name really does derive from the suffix, -ist.

Here we certainly have your basic Corolla:


I saw lots of others that seemed to be just rebadged Corollas, nondescript little things that you simply wouldn’t give you a second look to. I’m starting to suspect that the wide variety of nameplates may have reflected something of the cultural phenomenon, whereby you personalize your car or truck by replacing the original tag with a different name, or simply used car dealers replaced the name tags with their own logo.

A Mark II, Grande:


The Grande was in accordance with the Corona and Cressida series and is closest to our Camry in size and appointments. This particular one is probably a 1996-2000 X100 series.

Notice anything funny about this Lexus RX?


Yup, it’s got a Toyota badge. Not sure why this is however i saw quite a few like that. They seem to be free with all the tags which is why I suspect there’s a lot of tag-swapping occurring. I thought perhaps it might be something of an anti-theft device, perhaps throwing potential miscreants off with a Toyota badge as opposed to the more upscale Lexus.

There’s another oddity on that RX which is also seen on this Prado:


The Prado, equivalent to the Lexus GX, also was very common though not usually together with the fancy schmancy snorkel option. The odd thing may be the extra sideview mirror way up right in front. It’s in the passenger side — Kenya, becoming a former British colony and for that reason is backwards in the feeling of driving on the lefthand side of the road — and apparently assists with parking; and believe me, the direction they pack ‘em in it’s probably a handy little feature.

Also common was the venerable HiLux:


We know it as the Tacoma. Admittedly, this one’s a little bit more tricked out than most.

Interestingly, every one of the tow trucks I saw were made from old Land Cruisers:


If these were privately run or municipal however they were all painted exactly the same color and tended to assemble in certain places waiting to get dispatched, unsure. Never saw any actually in operation, I’m afraid.

There were other makes. . .


but they were a distinct minority.

I caught a passing peek at a Volvo:


which seems rare enough to capture the attention of the locals.

And don’t forget the Tuk-Tuk!

People said they’re more common around the outskirts of Nairobi and elsewhere, although i really didn’t see too many of these.

Finally, I have to discuss this gorgeous example of a vintage 1973 Peugeot 504:

The owner was there therefore i got to speak to him about his car. He claims everything is original although it just seems too nice and shiny to get been driven around Kenya for 40-some years. It’s in fabulous condition regardless.

Deciding Whether To Get A 2014 Toyota Venza V6 AWD

Is the 2014 Toyota Venza a sedan, a crossover, a wagon, or an SUV? Venza is really all of them rolled up into one multi-use vehicle. It doesn’t really fit into any category or segment, but is a unique type of vehicle from Toyota. It’s really only comparable with the Honda Crosstour, but has much better styling on the outside. This week we’ll be testing the 2014 Toyota Venza Limited model with a V6 powerplant and AWD.


The Toyota Venza feels like a sedan from behind the wheel, but behind the front seats, it offers the cargo space of an SUV. It offers the utility of a crossover or SUV because of the rear hatch, yet it sits lower with a lower loading floor than an SUV. It features the five-door body style like a wagon for easy cargo-carrying ability. Venza will seat five adults comfortably and this AWD Venza comes with all-weather capabilities.

What’s new for 2014?

The 2014 Venza carries over pretty much unchanged from 2013, but this Limited tester gets new front and rear parking sensors. The XLE trim gets power-folding mirrors for 2014. Venza received refreshed styling last year (2013) and got some new added standard and optional features. This 2014 Toyota Venza is the top of the lineup model with lots of goodies.

2014 Toyota Venza cabin

The Limited trim level ($39,570) we’re testing includes the Premium package items plus bi-xenon headlights, automatic high beams, LED running lights, front and rear parking sensors, and an upgraded navigation system with a higher-resolution 7-inch touchscreen display. There is a tow package available ($220) on all V6-powered Venzas for those wanting to use this wagon as a recreational vehicle. Although, we don’t see this as a good off-road vehicle. Venza is built on the platform of the previous-generation (2007-2011) Camry, and rides more like a sedan and sits too low and isn’t suitable for anything other than light recreational use.

On the inside, Venza Limited feels upscale with its leather heated seats and navigation system with Entune. This allows you to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It allows you to control Pandora Internet radio, buy movie tickets or reserve a restaurant table through the car’s touchscreen. But the downside to Entune is getting started. You’ll need to install an app on your smartphone, and register for an account before you can use it.

Why would buyers choose the Venza?

The 2014 Toyota Venza offers the utility of a wagon and offers the cargo carrying abilities of an SUV. It would be a good family car for hauling kids to soccer games, pets and groceries. And it’s a good commuter that isn’t too big to maneuver in the city. Venza drives like a car and is easy to park. Inside, Venza is spacious and comfortable for daily driving needs. It can also be used on the weekends as a recreational vehicle. Its all-wheel-drive capabilities make it a good multi-use vehicle for weekend trips to the mountains for hiking and trial biking.

2014 Toyota Venza on the road

This tester came with the 3.5-liter V6 engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The V6 pumps out a respectable 268 horsepower and 246 pound-feet of torque and is rated at 18/25 mpg city/highway with all-wheel drive. Out on the road, the V6 was plenty powerful enough to get the crossover up the mountain loaded with four adults.

We experienced a six-inch snowfall during the test week, and this Venza equipped with AWD felt extremely stable on the slick wet snowy roads. The low car-like ride height contributes to the stability and is a plus compared to higher SUVs that can feel unstable in the corners. But it does provide a higher seat height for better visibility over a sedan.

This tester came with the larger 20-inch wheels but the Venza 4-wheel independent suspension smoothed out the rough roads we encountered in a construction zone heading up I-70 into the mountains. The passengers in the backseat commented on the rear seats ability to recline, making the longer trip much more comfortable.


The 2014 Toyota Venza Limited V6 AWD is a very capable multi-use vehicle that is ideal for families needing the attributes of an SUV, but want the driving attitude of a sedan. It’s easier to drive and offers the capabilities of a wagon.

It will be big enough for a growing family and can carry kids, cargo, dogs and recreational equipment on the weekends. The Venza is roomy and comfortable and climbing in and out is easy. When equipped with the V6, it has plenty of power and still gets decent fuel mileage. The all-wheel-drive makes it a very capable all-weather and light off-road recreational use vehicle.